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In my research, I use quantum information tools to ask fundamental questions at the interface between general relativity and quantum theory.

I am an SNSF Ambizione Fellow at ETH Zurich and a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Previously, I held the Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat postdoctoral fellowship at Perimeter Institute.

I am part of the Organising Committee of the QISS consortium-the Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime, and of the Council of the International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information.

I am a member of the Foundational Questions Institute – FQXi and I served in the QIP 2022 Program Committee.

Basics of Quantum Gravity lectures are online!

I recently gave a series of lectures at Basics of Quantum Gravity, an online school on key concepts and techniques involved in the research of Quantum Gravity, an initiative by the International Society for Quantum Gravity (ISQG). The lectures can be watched online, information below! Quantum information tools at the interface between quantum theory and gravity‚Ķ

Viewpoint in Nat. Rev. Phys.

I recently wrote a Viewpoint on Nature Reviews Physics with E. Cavalcanti, R. Chaves, and Y.-C. Liang on the new research directions in quantum foundations. It is available at this link!

New Postdoc!

I am excited that Lin-Qing Chen is joining ETH Zurich as a Postdoc to collaborate with me! Welcome Lin-Qing, I am looking forward to working together!

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